ITEM #LABELPRODUCTPACKTI/HIMOTHER CO.UPC CODESHP WT/#CUBECASE DIM.CS/PLTRECOMMENDED TEMP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
823CAMPBELLTOMATO JUICE (6-PACK)48/5.5 oz.16 X 6CAMPBELL1005100000007818.980.48012.69 x 8.56x 7.6396ROOM
2300CAMPBELLTOMATO SOUP12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100000016042.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2301CAMPBELLCHICKEN NOODLE12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001256942.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2302CAMPBELLCR. OF MUSHROOM12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001266842.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2303CAMPBELLCR. OF CHICKEN12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001036742.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2304CAMPBELLMINESTRONE12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001146342.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2305CAMPBELLVEGETABLE12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001026842.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2306CAMPBELLCHICKEN W/RICE12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001526342.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2307CAMPBELLMANHATTAN CLAM CHOWDER12/49.5 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001226542.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2308CAMPBELLCR. OF CELERY12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001166142.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2309CAMPBELLN.E. CLAM CHOWDER12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001366542.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2311CAMPBELLVEG. BEEF12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001236142.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2313CAMPBELLSPLIT PEA W/HAM & BACON12/52 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001696344.490.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2314CAMPBELLCR. OF BROCCOLI12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100000306242.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2315CAMPBELLGREEN PEA12/51 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001196843.750.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2316CAMPBELLCONSOMME (BEEF)12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001046642.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2317CAMPBELLBROWN GRAVY12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100000210242.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2318CAMPBELLBEEF BARLEY12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001116642.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2319CAMPBELLBEEF NOODLE12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001226242.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2321CAMPBELLFRENCH ONION12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001536242.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2323CAMPBELLBEAN W/BACON12/52 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001296544.510.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2324CAMPBELLGARDEN VEGETABLE12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100001676542.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2326CAMPBELLCHICKEN GRAVY12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100000203442.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2331CAMPBELLBEEF GRAVY12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100010292542.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM
2332CAMPBELLTURKEY GRAVY12/50 oz..8 X 7CAMPBELL1005100010061742.990.9117.25 x 13 x 756ROOM